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Late night thoughts..

The only thing a person has in this world is themselves, true friends, family, love, strength and honor. Never let them go and you will conquer life.

Take care of your priorities and the world will take care of you.

One can never have too much confidence.

Cautious optimism is the key to success.

-- Me

"Here's the chance of life.
Get ready, set, fly -- high, above the fear of your mind.
Go for it.
It's hit or miss, too late for you to quit.
You gotta show 'em how bad you really want this.


Live your dreams.
It's not as hard as it may seem.
You gotta work to get the cream.
On your hopes you must lean.
From your fears, you have to wean yourself.
It's all or nothing, give your everything.

You are what you believe.
You got to bring the dreams.
Set the pace, competition take the lead.
This is it, all eyes on you,
so stay on point and prove that you deserve what's long overdue."

-- Athena Cage, Lyrics from All or Nothing
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